When Danny Knight, EAM and Fuel Focus Systems Administrator at Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA), sits down with his COO and Director of Planning these days, their meetings look a lot different than a year or two ago because Knight has already quickly pulled reports before they even start. It's all because they were determined to find a way to tackle their biggest challenges.
Challenges: One of Roaring Fork’s challenges was compliance. At times, the locations of up to 25% of their revenue vehicles were not showing on their PM calendar. What this meant: buses in the wrong shops where they would miss service and wasted time for their shopkeepers and technicians. 

Solutions: RFTA implemented Trapeze’s Enterprise Asset Management system to improve PM compliance, make inventory tracking more accurate and keep their leadership informed with real-time data. 

With the introduction of an EAM system, Roaring Fork increased their preventative maintenance from 42% to 89%. Their mileage is now updated as soon as the vehicle is fueled which eliminates hand written fuel tickets. 
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