Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) was able to increase their days of service significantly and add 19% to their revenue service hours among other great results through leveraging route and on-time performance (OTP) data. 

Challenges: MMT's transit system felt a huge hit from the 2008 recession as they faced a budget cut that led to a reduction of a third of their services. They wanted to improve service quality and service frequency in hopes of an increase in ridership.

Solutions: Although various Trapeze products assisted MMT in becoming a better transit agency, it was mainly the fact that they were able to leverage route and OTP data to better understand the community they were serving. The insights helped them discern the key areas that they needed to expand and provide services to, which resulted in faster travel times for riders. 

Find out how they increased days of service from 255 days in 2015 to 362 days in 2016 plus much more.
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