CAT wanted to change their dated fareboxes into an advanced system that would improve the customer experience, reduce counterfeits and fraud, accept smart technology, track their university IDs and improve reporting.

Challenges: One of CAT’s biggest challenges was improving their customer experience and eliminating fraud from counterfeit day passes. They also needed more accurate ridership data for better planning and scheduling. As well, based on physical counts on vehicles, CAT realized their drivers were missing payments from five to eight percent of boardings, on average.

Solutions: CAT implemented EZFare which allows CAT to accept modern forms of payment in an efficient, profitable manner that’s convenient for the agency – and their customers. They’ve drastically reduced fraud and the cost of fare collection, improved ridership data and their customer experience.

See how CAT decreased the cost of fare collection by 50% and why they were able to eliminate 79 stops because of the accurate data they were getting from EZFare.

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