Alternate Concepts, Inc. (ACI) provides mass transit operations and maintenance services to public and private clients across the United States. In April 2016, RTD opened the nation’s first modern public-private partnership for public transportation. ACI and their partners, Fluor Enterprises and BBRI, are operating and maintaining the service. 

Challenges: The RTD contract required the team to operate and maintain the A-Line service for nearly 30 years. The challenges were beyond just operating the train but it was also about maintaining the vehicles, tracks, stations, power infrastructure, crossings, and more. Furthermore, part of winning the RTD bid meant coming up with a budget that contemplated every component, its cost, and how often it must be repaired, renewed or replaced over 30 years. 

Solutions: ACI turned to Trapeze Group, their long term technology partner, to deliver an integrated, scalable solution with support that went above and beyond expectations.

View the case study to learn how we're working with ACI and RTD Denver to manage the world's first public-private partnership for public transit.

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