What happens when you don’t upgrade your technology in a timely manner? Legacy issues rear their ugly head.

Today, the amount of data collected throughout your transit system can be overwhelming. But, it’s more overwhelming for your old technology. Not being able to keep up with the valuable information coming from your ITS system creates inefficiencies for your agency. These issues not only cost you time and money, but it also affects your operations and communications with your riders.

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Despite these benefits, the U.S. transit industry has been slow to adopt contactless systems, largely because the myriad of players in the market (agencies, transit districts, card issuers and technology vendors) have not been able to agree on a standardized platform. Concerns over initial investment requirements have, erroneously, also slowed adoption.


What follows is an exploration of how North American transit agencies are approaching the opportunities and challenges of deploying contactless smart card systems and how passengers and agencies alike can benefit from adoption of the technology.

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