Smart communications systems

We develop and implement secure and personalised communications systems with a high level of availability for rail transport operators, emergency rescue services and industry.

Communications in operating environments are more than just language

In modern operating environments, communications systems are expected to transmit relevant, accurate ancillary data in addition to the actual verbal messages. This information is automatically captured and processed and then transmitted through pre-defined channels.

We offer solutions designed to address the individual needs of a specific operating environment. Complex relationships are recognised and operating procedures can be forwarded through a user-friendly user interface.

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Our solutions in action

Transmission of instructions to task forces by phone, radio or stations

Reach your task forces through a powerful voice communications hub. Interfaces enable you to access all voice communications systems, with standardised integration of use.

Public mobile radio network instead of analogue radio systems

User applications for Smartphones and Tablets are handled through the mobile radio network of your provider of choice, replacing costly infrastructures. This enables you to ensure smooth transmission of information wherever you are and whenever you want to.

Send information in an automated and faster way

Accurate forwarding of information on operating conditions – audibly via loudspeakers and visually via displays. Our algorithms give consideration to all regular and irregular events and incidents that may potentially occur.

Neat workplaces in the operations control centre

Connect your workplace computer to the audio management box through an integrated station solution with voice equipment such as receivers, headsets, gooseneck microphones, listening-in loudspeakers. Eliminates the need for additional telephones or user points requiring their own cabling.

Our solutions


PA-R-I-Ty is a completely VoIP-based operations communications system allowing the management of over 5000 mobile users.

Very high availability thanks to redundant design of the main components and backing of virtual computer infrastructures ensures smooth operating processes.

PA-R-I-Ty offers interfaces with telephone networks and exchanges, analogue as well as digital radio systems, intercom installations and public address systems.


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The SmartTalk solution is a highly efficient communications tool for organising critical tasks. It embodies a new user application for Smartphones and Tablets. A dispatcher application is available for Notebooks and PCs.

SmartTalk enables voice communications such as individual, group, collective conversations; announcements; listening-in; forwarding or exchanges. Transmission is via 2G/3G/4G public mobile radio.


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EFB (Elektronische Fahrgastinformation – electronic passenger information) is a software for supporting the operations staff of regional railway routes.

It is tailored to the specific needs of users and – thanks to its optimal price-to-performance ratio – is also a suitable solution for small operators.

EFB applies the timetable in force on the specific routes in question. As all trains/routes and times are covered until the next change of the timetable, passenger information can be planned and defined at an early stage.


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Nothing to be feared in connection with high voice system requirements, thanks to interfaces forming the basis for designing complex systems. A system can be architecturally structured so that the entire complex is broken down into manageable sub-complexes.

About us

IMS – Info Management System – is a segment of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH. We provide services in the fields of software and hardware development, system engineering, project planning & management and general contracting.

Our capabilities include the design and engineering, integration, commissioning and sale of communications equipment and systems of all kinds. Our expertise is based on years of experience.

  • Implementation of solutions for industry and emergency rescue services.
  • Expertise in VoIP
  • Highly complex tasks
  • Customised range of solutions
  • Copying of “old” interfaces
  • Integration of existing components and systems in our solutions


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