Whether your employees work in fixed route, paratransit, light, and commuter rail, your operators face challenging service schedules to meet rider demandsTo improve safety, reduce fatigue-related incidents, and promote personnel health, industry and regulatory bodies recommend that agencies adopt vigorous fatigue management measures.  

Our partnership with SAFTE-FAST provides agencies with state-of-the-art tool with automation and scientific algorithms you’re able to predict operator effectiveness based on the latest fatigue modeling.

Here’s how our solution can help reduce employee fatigue:

  • It improves safety. Your operators are more alert, have faster reaction times, can handle highly distractive environments, and prepared to take quick action to avoid accidents or incidents. 
  • Increases efficiency and productivity. Our integrations with SAFTE-FAST (a leader in fatigue management research) allow you to improve your processes, helping your staff do their jobs while staying healthy.
  • It improves your bottom line. is estimated that 20 – 30 per cent of accidents are caused by fatigue. Having a powerful fatigue management strategy can reduce these incidents and can save your agency millions of dollars in hard costs while improving rider confidence.

Download our solution sheet to discover how you can deliver the best service to your riders by reducing fatigue-related incidents.

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